AirPods, the caramel of the wireless “sweets”.

Conversations on Bluetooth earphones have gotten less and less attention these days. The Bluetooth technology is still improving and there are times I wish we had it all. Bluetooth is still not there providing moderate speed in connectivity, an efficacy of sound technology and considerate range.
“Well, let’s be patient!”, a summary quote of my review.
My dilemma has circulated around the affordability and durability of using headphones or earbuds whether Bluetooth or wired ( long live 3.5mm headphone jack) earbud. The innovation in design in my perspective has been rapid.
The Apple AirPods is proof of what innovative implementation looks like. The W1 chip, the battery life, and the high-quality AAC(Advanced Audio Coding)  audio seem to complete the drawing board checklists.

Before making the purchase

Of course, the first thing that hits you is the price, but that does not shock anyone anymore because we are talking about Apple. What shocked me was the number of people purchasing the AirPods that Apple had managed to market as a seamless magical piece of art. I also wondered whether I was going to misplace them because they were so small.

After making the purchase

This thing is tiny

Tiny. Very tiny. But after a very short time, I began falling in love with them. The battery life was crazy. It is advertised as having a 24-hour battery life but of course, how long it is going to last you will depend on how you use it.

So, this is how I would go about my final thoughts on the AirPods:- I would be grouping the pros and cons into three sects that would magnet all genuine rants. Hope this works out well:

1- Convenience
The Apple AirPods affords the consumer the core usability to listening audio which is convenience. Waking up, walking in the streets and pursuing tasks at work and home.
This wireless Bluetooth device is great for podcast lovers, music enthusiasts, and oh Apple fans. I find it more interesting that I pull the AirPods more frequently than my wired German Studio Headset (“Vivanco”, I know the name is strange) which I used to think was more dependable due to its sound quality.
And disclaimer I am not really an expert audiophile. I just love using gadgets (actually borrowing them).
You could depend on the battery for 24 hours Apple claim. Another shocking discovery on the AirPods and it’s case is that the little things charge amazingly when you stick it in the case.

The bad thing is if your ear doesn’t fit, it would definitely fall off, destroying the whole purpose of buying an earphone.

2- Reliability
The AirPods are not sweat-proof so first let’s break the ice on how reliable they are. You could go jogging with them and they would be fine but vigorously gym workouts are not advisable.
I find myself reaching for them when I am having a workout session instead of using my wired headphones.
Since they are tiny there are so hard to find when you leave them out of the case in your room. Placing them back in the case should not be work at all. When you are in the streets of Accra and you bump into people a lot you may drop one. The earphones do not fit everyone though but I am glad it fit right through and got synced with my earlobes.

Apart from the normal rants, the AirPods provide long lasting battery life that I don’t even regret charging them. Apple devices still have the lightning cable which charges slowly although the AirPods is shocking.
The Seamless Pairing is a nice touch.
I can say when it comes to Pairing and Battery Life it is reliable in every situation of the day.
I loved the find your AirPods feature. The AirPods sync with your iCloud so when you lose it, you could track it.

3- The Question Mark “??”
The obvious question mark should be the price. This product seems clean on the eye but fire on the wallet. For A Ghanaian, this choice to purchase an accessory for that price(159$~800GH) would be outrageous.
Is it worth it?
What kind of people need this?
Doesn’t this make it a luxury rather than a tool?
How bad am I tired of wired headphones?

Well, the deliberations stand as a downside to recommending this to everyone. But if you really love Apple and you don’t have a problem with their price headaches, the Apple AirPods is a perfect caramel pick. Quality in engineering and design used in crafting such a powerful tiny piece that could provide essential satisfaction creating a wide space for more innovation.
If I could craft my experience in four words I would go with :

“ The candy in your pocket “

PS: I wrote an alternative version review on the AirPods here for readers. You can read the edited version of this review on the website.

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