16GB, Less But More

Memory Full!

Try not to squeeze that face when you see it pop up.

Well, I used to always get a headache on my Samsung Android J5 due to low storage. They tell you to transfer the files and a whole lot of unnecessaries.

Storage is a huge part of a phone.

Not just about keeping memorable moments but convenience. The changes that clouds storage has brought to smartphone hemisphere is strange.

Before I start to rant about these tips and hacks on how and why I love my tit-bit 16GB iPhone SE, there is GOOGLE PHOTOS- A magic tavern that keeps your photos forever(You could have high-quality pictures for some definite amount of storage).

With that out of the way, let’s do this! Okay first round: I love to use fewer apps; YES obvious right. Well, the things about App Store is that there’s always this annoying updates you have to keep up with. So for me when I don’t need the apps I get rid of them. I know you would be like isn’t that waste of data?! Okay, I can hear u. Each update takes sometimes takeover more bandwidth than you could think. (You can check the MB before you update that Snapchat or Instagram)It’s better to let go some apps sometimes especially when you know they will distract you i.e YouTube, sorry had to break that ice. It’s convenient for me as a student too. Fewer distractions mean more productivity and oh saving my data for more genuine interests.

The second thing I get is Music; well I have another hack which is illegal ⚠️☠️, but for real SoundCloud is my better option. I have Spotify to thank for and SoundCloud’s new update has playlists that have some really dope oldies mix.

Second round:

Apart from cloud storage, I do have another shortcut to keeping all my documents. I used to use Dropbox and it was convenient until I got to a situation where I needed the file but had no data connection to download it online.

So there’s ADOBE ACROBAT, love this application, the integration to iTunes to share files and documents is so convenient. I had Adobe Document Cloud but lost interest in the whole confrontation of cloud files.

Tip: if you don’t have a computer to help you keep these files try the two safe cloud storage apps: Adobe Document Cloud and Dropbox. (Dropbox can be integrated into the Adobe Acrobat app).

Last Round


Apple devices compress these pictures too tight that I can’t even see what these pics used to look like.

My favourite tip: Store all your photos in Google Photos not iCloud because those many pics can’t all go there and I know you can’t pay, thank you.

If you have private pictures too the best you could do is store them in iCloud. When you have time, compress all the pictures on a PC and label them as one big folder and stack them in the iCloud drive or Dropbox somewhere.

There safe!

You can do this with someone’s PC(laptop).

Go to iCloud

Sign in and then copy the pics and paste them in a folder then compress. Now name the folder and place it safe in the cloud of your choice. (iCloud drive is best)

Now You can do this at the end of each year to maintain consistency and less stress.

But if you are like me and you don’t mind Google on using your pics in their AI escapades, then enjoy all your pictures saved up there, lol, no stress.

Important: To backup all the important photos, you need to open the app occasionally with WiFi on. (You can use a data connection to do this too just so you know)

Before I go, I know this a bunch of words stringed to add humour and give you an insight into my use of less and less storage.

It’s not perfection that I aim for but convenience. In short, minimalistic adaptation with what I have.

Upside: Your time on your phone is reduced. Yes maybe that’s a good thing for some of you. Let’s get work done with the tools we need.

If you have any views on this, leave down comments and check out my twitter and Instagram feed too.

Share with a friend for sure!

Thank you for reading. 

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