Start Your 2018 Right with This Tip.

Many of you have experienced great adventures in the previous year and want to take up brand new resolutions but don’t know how to keep to it. I haven’t read that much books on how to end procrastination and be a time conscious genius. The Little I do is embrace procrastination and start to figure out how to achieve time to get tasks done.
I recently watched a TED talk by Cal Newport who inspired me to research more on time management. The following days have not been sparking perfect, but the least improvement has saved my life in so many situations.
You can achieve more with just the accurate books you read or articles that may insight on the knowledge about time management. Have you wondered what mostly hinders you from achieving certain goals and eliminating tasks at hand? Well you are not far from finding out the truth.
Yes, you can, it’s possible. Many of you may freak out, how am I going to through my day without social media?

I dedicate this post to Cal Newport who inspired me to consider unplugging; which is a positive initiative to start your year right.


Unplug from social media to get things down and break away from the conventional daily disease of phone-to-face.
Some can not stay away even for a day.
Daily recalcitrant social media apps keeps us with excuses to procrastinate.


  • Start your morning with a good-old handwriting journal of your thoughts and aspirations.
  • Exercise briefly or meditate to keep your mind right from those notifications
  • Designate Time to check e-mails and messages from friends and colleagues at work.
  • Formulate a schedule to interact with the screens and mark down the important apps you need in a day

This article on some habits you can also find useful- Medium

You would benefit extremely in your planning and task management. Its a easy way to help you get important chores done.I have been able to take a foreign language course due to unplugging through priority selection of apps.
You can concentrate on the bigger picture and also enjoy the nature. People are beautiful in person and there’s more in person than in screens.

Meanwhile unplugging is difficult to adopt but with time, you can put your plans into action.


Plan away this new year, 2018 is a year great things.

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