iPhone SE in 2018

Where you come from would probably determine the sort of brand of smartphone you buy. Your budget could also be a crucial influence in buying a smartphone.

Seeking a smartphone for this year could be easy since there has been a lot of wonderful flagships that have been released from the past couple of years. Purchasing the top notch (IPhone X and Note 8) high end smartphones would probably break the bank.

Source: Unsplash

iPhone SE is a subtle choice in pursuing to enter into the iPhone world. It is often regarded as a pimped 5S and people around you would always identify it as such. Apart from the twining/cloning of the design, the SE is a far more better option.

I have been using the SE for over 5 months and could tell you it’s reluctantly the best iPhone I have ever used so far.

iPhone SE was released in late 2016 and packs a A9 chip processor which stands as the cradle performer. Apart from the similarities with the 5S in looks it comes with a 12MP just like the iPhone 6S.

It blows out expectations with 4K 30FPs Video capabilities. This comes in handy when you need to take those crisp videos. Always convenient for your snapchat or VSCO skills. The battery is also 1624 MaH which is oddly best at consumption.

Nevertheless the front camera is particularly the same with a not-so-bad flash and also Live Photos feature. The screen is the same 4 -inch like the 5S although there’s a bump in resolution.

The IPhone SE in 2018 details a convenience approach at using iOS. I believe that getting and using an iPhone SE in 2018 is not that bad.

You can get the SE in 32 GB and 64GB. Old versions of 16GB still exist on the market.

Price range: 750-1100 Ghana Cedis.


You would get iOS updates, even iOS 12 and maybe 13 due to the power packed A9 processor which came about 2 years ago.

The battery life and smooth performance makes my day-to-day activities seamless and fun.

“Battery life is better than the 6 Plus” – Shocking fact

Do you know iPhones don’t lose value? An iPhone could have the same price tag in stores for a long time due to the reliability and relative satisfaction its brand provides.

Bonus: Here are some apps on my iPhone SE.

Vellum: Need a wallpaper?, this app has amazing graphics and great features of artistry for your colourful screen.

Duolingo: Now this app I would fully recommend you get now. It has interactive language learning content. Duolingo is free too, you could achieve fast learning experience of a new language in 30 Days. No subscriptions. You can get the Premium account or Gold to get rid of the annoying Ads. Get this app Chale !

Dribbble: If you into graphic designing and art, get this app for inspirations. There is a ton of dope creatives and innovation on the platform. You cannot copy content though, it will come out blurry. It’s good for content creators who are into learning more on digital marketing.

Multi-Timer: Self explanatory I guess. It’s a timer. I wake up using this app more often than I should. The MultiTimer is convenient for indoor work out and an efficient cooking timer app. Students could try the Pomodoro Technique in studying through the support of the MultiTimer app.

Coinbase: Cryptocurrency wallet. Safer and reliable.

Taxify: An alternative to Uber due to the high rates of taxi drivers these days. It’s cheaper and has better drivers. Campus residents and office workers can try this app. It’s not all perfect though.

Telegram: Just like WhatsApp, telegram has taken away the boredom in messaging and their platform in group messaging alternative approach is better. Telegram is a great app for those who like to text a lot like me.

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