So about a year and three months ago i had a wonderful surprise after ditching my enthusiasm for Android OS. The surprise was a new OS i had longed to use- IOS. I used my first 4S with delight but later became unsentimental. I got the 5S later when the iPhone 7 had just been released(I know i dey back!)  but the truth was i was so amazed because i began to love IOS. The convenience, the sharp retina display and the uncanny design(*The Logo naa*) mesmerised me.

I loved the iPhone experience and the became an iOS fan after using 5S. I didn’t use most of the features in depth but I was able to make use of the small features that IOS brought to the table.


Chipset: A7 – IOS 7 but now up gradable to 11.2

GPU & CPU: Power VR G6430(Quad-core graphics) , Dual-core 1.3 GHz(ARM v8 based)

Display:4 inches Led-Backlit IPS LCD with resolution of 640X1136 pixels.

Camera: 8 MP rear camera with high aperture(2.2) and a 1.2 MP front for selfies and Facetime.

Others: Fingerprint reader, Oleo-phobic coating,  Headphone Jack, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, WiFi 802.11b/g/n, USB 2.0, and 64-bit processor. Lastly Siri- voice assistance.


IPhone 5S came out late 2013 but i started using it mid 2016. There was a significant difference in innovation. The form factor, the build and the screen were all features that I awkwardly admired.

I loved iMessage but wasn’t really an everyday user since WhatsApp and Messenger were already the ubiquitous apps most people we used to. I wished iMessage could reach Android users though although i understand its exclusive coverage is what keeps Apple fans glued to IOS.

Camera was decent and i took impressive selfies with this phone which was a shocker because the specs sheet do not show its capability.

2017-08-24 19.54.25.jpg
Sample HDR On.

The lack of Radio was not really a bummer to me since i prefer to read feeds on my phone rather than listen to them. I also find listening to podcast refreshingly fun on my iPhone 5S. I started listening to Podcast on my little 4S and i didn’t really have much interest at first but the smooth speed of my 5s made my podcast listening a little more intuitive and educationally fun.

There is also no Bluetooth transfer of files especially music which is one of the reasons any Ghanaian would opt out of buying an iPhone. Due to the conventional way of sending files and APKs around some would lose interest in using an iPhone. Remember how convenient that was for you.

You can download a third-party app to get things rolling now or send by mail which is a lot of stress.


iPhone 5s was convenient back then three years ago but the rate at which Technology is moving seems to create a dysfunctional satisfaction in the old flagships. Apple has also slowed down the performance of the old Apple devices– i noticed this when i was using multiple apps at a time. If you are busy user in general, the 5s now is a bad idea. You can sacrifice a few perks to get the fast and efficient old OS(IOS 7 or 10) which comes with the iPhone out of box. The Old IOS lags but is seamless in performing the normal tasks such as e-mail, photography, calls and messaging. Get the iPhone 5s as a gift for your loved one and they won’t be disappointed.

Thank you and a Merry Christmas to all readers. I wish you abundance joy in this festive season and a Happy New Year!

Afehyia Pa!

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