Back To School

Wondering what to buy for campus as the semester gets kicking, don’t worry much I got you covered. Campus vibe is simply less stress and finding more time to chill. Chilling could be anything in different perspectives.

You could bring that friend over for a hangout or just order some food in or do some finger licking cookout.

As a student you try to schedule most your time to enjoy campus activities. The vibe is while your assignments pile up , don’t forget those friends.

Lifestyle on campus is not just about what you wear and show but sometimes certain acquisitions that can help you in that tough moment.

My Back to School Vibe list comes with satisfactory gadgets that looks fashionable and gives you the best hacks in many situations.

To start, check out this video from Thomas Frank. Great advice on how to keep up with campus workload.

Now let’s start with the obvious to the very cool accessories.

· Backpack

One of the most vital part of us is a bag. Our collectibles safely backed in to take to everywhere.

A backpack serves a great role in a student’s life.

There are two things in my perspective you should look for when buying a backpack:



When it comes to Brand you choose what you feel it’s comforting and serves a great purpose.

· Bluetooth Speakers/Headphones

Sometimes we need music and the solitude it brings to our minds is vital. Having an amazing speaker that is not just portable but comes with quality build and may also serve as a power bank.

Click here for the best premium Bluetooth Speakers this year.

Headphones/earbuds are essential alternatives for relaxing or getting down with your playlist.

· Portable Storage Device

Storage is really important in everyday campus vibe. Those assignments get printed and submitted through the flash drive.

Having your own external storage is important. An SD card is a quiet choice and really affordable.

A pen drive is also a great option.

You can opt for an external hard disk which could keep a lot of those movies and music you need daily on campus.

Those who do photography need this and essentially should get their hands on the best models.

Sandisk is a popular option.


Power bank

– Long Usb Cable(Android/iPhone)

– Optical Mouse

– Smartphone**

– Laptop

PS: Smartphone is a necessity but those who don’t have one should get one. Laptop is considerably important but is something one can do well without.

Thank you for reading, catch u next time.

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