Hot 4 Made in Ghana Apps You Need to Get Right Now.

When it comes to Apps we don't normally download them unless they are popular apps or we just want to explore.
Data charges! That's the first problem we face. We need these apps sometimes to assist us get out of tough situations. Apps come out handy in really challenging circumstances. Need of an urgent transportation, first thing that comes in mind is UBER.
We check flights and keep in touch with loved ones through Apps.
But it sometimes hard to find the best apps these days because there is a whole lot in the market.

For someone living in Ghana, Africa there is precisely not a great amount of apps developments so the best we can get is what we get glued on.
Just like people got glued on to JODEL for a bit, users leave due to loss of interest in Apps with time. Some apps stand ubiquitous through Time and trends. TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and the big names you know. Other apps are trying to stay alive with different initiating alternatives in innovation to glue their users to the platform.

In Ghana, its Tonaton OLX and Jumia for the best online market place throne. Tonaton has become a taxing franchise in its Service delivering a pay as you advertise more kind of platform. Jumia has a lot of over rated merchandises that do not give that much value.

Today my list would be pretty short. These apps could be found in Google PlayStore and iOS Appstore.

1. TransGov

This is just on Google PlayStore and its still in development but rest assure that citizens need this app more than ever. Be the patriot, journal problems and challenges that your community is going through.
This app was initiated by the government to interact with citizens on concerns that need addressing. Be it poor drainage or even Galamsey or just the illegal activities at workplaces. This app would solve that.

Some may be like " this is work for me, these people might not even respond".
First do not lose hope, for change and prosperous nation-building we all need some faith. I loved this app from the beginning although it need a few tweaks and upgrades here and there but its preciously worth your time.

2. Snoocode

This should even be number one I tell you. Best App in Ghana considering there are not many.
I have been using this app for a while and I am amazed of its use in my daily transactions.
An addressing app developed to guide and assist our unaddressed problems. With our communities having weird and difficulty in names and addresses, this app is all packed to save you.
Receiving prominent awards and impacting variant buzz in Technology in Africa, Snoocode stands to be best at what it does.
The founder of tinyDAVID and developer of Snoocode Sesinam “Ses” Dagadu invigorates innovations to impact Ghanaian Technology.

How To
Generate a code and voila you can send the code or use it for your personal obligations. Enjoy free access to your address without a hassle. Find that lost someone and even bookmark your locations to go back to them when you need them.
My favourite is checking for taxi rate when you are low on the budget and you need to know how much damage a taxi may incur.

3. Yenko Taxi

You need this app. I know most of you would opt out of a taxi when you have an Uber which is classier. But before declining a Yenko Taxi let me tell you about their service.
Yenko Taxi was initiated this year. The founder is a Ghanaian who wants to help not just pedestrians but taxi drivers too in efficient service delivery.

I doubted this app because I thought to myself , what difference is a Yenko Taxi and a normal Taxi?
One thing, Taxis are familiar with places and better at navigation than maps. An Uber driver can get you lost following Google maps which takes a lot of know-how to navigate through.

Yenko Taxi is equivalent to Uber with fares at convenient rates and incredible service. The drivers are experienced and dedicated.

The choice is yours !
Free Wifi
– Taxi Experience
– No debates on price
– Professional services


4. Mazuuma

The last is about money. This app is incredibly trusted and certified secured to use. Small business men and women or entrepreneurs can get into transacting fast mobile money through a common source.

Mazzuma was invented by the company called CYST COMPANY LTD based in East Legon. The company is approved by the state and critics have given outstanding reviews ever since.

The first flaw you might notice is:
How to use this app?
What can the app do?

Well, it's easy. Transfer money through the app to any network of your choice. Your transaction does not require any more stressful token code or long queues.
You can send money and receive money from various networks coverage nationwide. (Vodafone, Tigo, MTN, Airtel)

If you transact a lot of business with mobile money you might want to consider this.

Thank you so much for visiting Puillecraft , hope to bring more innovative information and perspectives to you.
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