July’s Best Android Apps.

Just bought an Android smartphone or you have this Android phone with good storage, then get these apps.
Enjoy these apps on playstore if you are an artist, selfie lover , student, business man or just a daily user.  

These apps are from the previous months till now. Some may be old apps you already know. 

:: At the end of the list i hope you find one that helps you.  IOS Apps Store can also contain some of these apps.  

  • Launcher 

If you bought a smartphone with a UI you don’t like, you should opt for these instead. Better customization and a friendly usage.

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Google Now Launcher
  3. Evie Launcher  
  4. Arrow launcher (Microsoft build) 
      • Posteroid


      Freely customise posters for marketing conveniently on your smart device. 

      • Pocket

      Sure some may have this app. If you like reading about stuff , this is great choice for you.  Saved for offline to enjoy great read at anytime.

      • Socratic 

      If you are having homework that you can’t wait to finish; work with Socratic and enjoy fast tutoring on any homework problem that might be giving you headache.  Kids can now more enjoy time with video games and still be sharking academics.

      • Amuse 

      Musicians and new artists whether spoken word or motivational speaking , can try out the amuse app which is  like SoundCloud but pays. Check it out 

      • Wall On

      Fetch for great wallpapers on this app. Beautiful and colorful natural high definition pictures for your phone. Wall on is more like VSCO and comes with a easier menu accessibility. You can try Darkops for cool AMOLED wallpapers

      • Life hacks

      The app is very useful and since using it i have learnt so much. 

      • Mirakee 

      Go for Mirakee, a social community for writers and readers that connects them faster. Ubiquitous coverage attracts interesting minds from different countries. For readers and writers. 


      This app is shockingly informative. As a driving license practising student i learnt a lot from this app. It comes with a lot of Ad tho. 

      • Timetune 

      Need a timer to wake you up? Maybe you a regular procrastinator and you need help with time management. Get this app here to organise your schedules and stay sharp. You can enjoy naps at the end too.

      Intermission : so much already okay let me add another one.

      • Fenix 2 Preview

      For those who don’t know Phoenix already it is an alternative app to access Facebook or Twitter. The Fenix 2 is still in preview and early access would definately help u get it for free. Its still in construction so don’t expect excellent performance.

      Bonus:  Yenko and URU 

      Both are great apps. I like to tell you about YenkoGhana which was introduced about two months ago. I took a ride about a few days ago and i was surprised. The Taxis under Yenko are decent and customer service was astonishing. I was mesmerized by the ambience and free WiFi. Again free Wifi to your destination so you can enjoy streaming till  you get to your destination. Great service by the Ghanaian company.

      Although Uber is a great choice i urge you to try the Yenko app. 

      Not much to  say on the URU app. Some complaints about no cars and bad arrival time allocation diminishes the rating of this app. For University of Ghana Campus and East Legon, there is active number of URU cars. 

      ::Thanks for the read. Comment below with your best apps on your phone.

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