Best 6 High End Low-Budget Smartphones 

Our expectations these days have changed in purchasing high end premium quality smartphones. The assumption that high performance merchandise should be expensive has sunk gradually through the years. Remember those days when the only high end trendy phone you could afford was either a Nokia 3310 or a flip LG or Motorola phone.

I must say those were the days prices were very high and even sim cards were not easy to acquire. 

Now, Android has given changes to the way we value technology. Competitive brands are trying hard to produce the best out of the whole. Different companies develop new User Interfaces (UI) to stay on top of the market incorporating improvisation of design, hardware build and software including chipset. 

The Costs of Smartphones should not destroy your “vim” when it comes to budgeting for a smartphone.  Because the variety of smartphones produced these days have quality specs that can be compared  to the popular expensive flagships and brands. 

Considerations: Screens, softwares, and cameras to hardware design and even the internal engines like GPU, CPU, Fingerprint sensor and nFC.

Let’s begin then, the phones an average consumer can afford with his small kitiwa savings in the susu/budget.  Great specs and active performance for excellence user friendliness.

PS: Full specs and features in the highlighted brand name. Just a click! away.


If you are a big screen admirer, a specs enthusiast and a not-so much selfie person, then the Motorola Nexus 6 was built for your hands. So many years and this device still keeps up the legacy. Nexus was a hype in the 2012 and in 2014, this Google powered device came out.

Upside : Big Screen 5.9 QHD AMOLED Display with great colors and creamy feel. Expect long battery life and enjoy fast performance and multi-tasking since this low budget Nexus Flagship is packed powerfully with Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 ahead of its time. It can live up decently with the big leagues. Upgrades to Nougat 7.1.1 which satifies the Android users with amazing high-end quality usage performance. A Note 4 feel that is giant and has a thick build. You might need a case to ensure a firm hold.  Great 13MP rear-camera with autofocus.

Shortcoming: The Processor may feel slower in gaming since the Adreno 405 is still a slower GPU. The front camera is awful and the grip is not that firm- slippery build. No expendable memory. 

Review: Serves well to the corporate person and the performance user  who want efficiency not flashy lifestyle. Customization helps too. Changing the Launcher to the Google Now Launcher can make this machine a 2017 flagship. Price is around Gh750 down to Gh550 on Olx or tonaton. Also on Market57.


After  Lenovo, a Chinese Giant, declaring their acquisition of MOTOROLA we thought the innovation we love so much was going to die out. The Moto G4 series provided consumers the satisfactory user experience. A nice job by the Tech Giant to incorporate user friendliness in making the G4 play/plus. 

Upside: Good battery life that can past more than a day for a Ghanaian user. Comes with dash charge which convenient givinh u a 6 hour usage battery charged up in just 15mins. Wow now thats is more than we asked for.Good processor and 4GB Ram is so much more for me for the price.

Breathtakingly good design for the Plus and online customisation too. But customisation of body is not in Ghana, too bad. Great chipset, quality camera with autofocus and amazing software.  

Downside: Warm/hot weather disrupts the camera functionality. The UI is a bit dull looking. Can’t take high end gaming. Plastic back is not  good for a clumsy environment.

Conclusion: Quite cheap and very user friendly. A back to school phone to get if u are in the university and u need a cool phone with good performance at a cool rate, MOTO G4 Plus . I recommend this to the G4 and the G4 play because this has the high end performance on Benchmark. You can stretch your budget a bit and get the G5 Plus


When we see Huawei, the first thing we think  is poor build and software or “China”. As one of the best in China, Huawei surprises all odds with some flagships that sails right in the battle with Sony, LG, Samsung and Apple. There are three devices  that sweeps the eye and carries high end performance. 

You can afford any of these at the Huawei shop in Accra Mall. Price ranges from 700-1100. 

Downside: The UI is a bit confusing and it’s not user friendly. The camera is decent but the images appear a bit over saturated. Battery is not top notch although it has a lot of mAh.

Note: Due to Hisilicon Kirin chipset it performs well with multi tasking and gaming. The camera is extremely refreshing in all these devices and also comes with the latest Android OS. I recommend the Google Now Launcher, Nova launcher,  Evie Launcher or even Arrow launcher on Playstore to spice up your performance experience.

  3. LG V20 / LG X Screen

Are you a busy day smartphone user? For a person always in a hurry to schedule meetings and get tasks done, the LG V20 is perfect for you. Its second screen feature provides you with quick accessibility that saves time. User friendliness is better than the IPhone 6 and 6s. You can achieve more with  the LGV20. The V10 was amazing but due to the controversies about software brick issues  LG users lost trust for the brand. The V20 improved the experience  to a whole new level. 

Wrap Up: The main omg feature is not just the wide angle  16 Megapixel camera but the screen. Beautiful IPS LCD with Variant colors and the second screen,  takes the show. 

Great software and fast in both fingerprint and charging since battery is not over familiar expectations.  Comes with great speakers- DAC better a lot in the game.Battery is great though for off-screen usage.   

Price is moderate in stores. You can get a cool deal for the V10 too (South Korea version though). The LG X Screen too i recommend for tertiary(student) use. Balance your time for more with the second screen. You don’t need extra specs to have a great user performance experience and that is what the X Screen is.

2. ONEPLUS 3T / 3

I won’t say the price is very good here in Ghana because of its rareness. The oneplus has all of the sudden become the Khalid of smartphones in just about two years. The reportedly IPhone-copycat flagship offer premium quality for a less cost. If you can order for on online please do. This is why:

  •  Great display 
  • Durable Long-lasting battery 
  • Gorgeous UI – NEVER SETTLE  wallpaper  
  • Camera is top-notch ( 16MP front) 
  • Outstanding design with fingerprint
  • Performs amazingly splendid with Nougat due to better chipset
  • Worth the money spent.

Again, you can download the Google Now Launcher to spice things up. 

Price is about GH2000 Cedis for  OnePlus 5. Advice to get the previous OnePlus 3 or 3T.

1. IPhone 5/5s/ Se

Most of us love the IPhone 5 design due to its lightweight and portability. Fits right in the pocket and crafts fashionably in the hand. 

Achieve great performance with Apple’s greatest flagship phone that changed the smartphone industry. 

IPhone 5 is a good first time smartphone to buy if you budget is quite low. Enjoy more with 5s and even greatness with the IPhone Special edition

  • Fits right in the pocket and its very user-friendly. 
  • Great camera with OIS
  • The Screen – not much to say(legendary) 
  •  IOS 
  • Great chipset(A Chip)
  • Good battery-life 

World class performance quality of the IPhone 5 design can be acheived through the iPhone SE which has the most high end features. 

Cost is a bit high. You can start with the 5 and 5s. If your budget is sufficient and you think a smaller screen with great retina display would be okay then i recommend  the IPhone SE. 

Other Affordable Pick:

    • Htc One (good model)
    • Samsung J series/ A series
    • Techno Camon Cx/ Phantom 6
    • IPhone 5c
    • Meizu m5
    • Blackberry Leap 
    • Asus Zenfone 3 laser
    • Nextbit (rare; order online about $250-$300)
    • Xiaomi Redmi note 3

    Source : GsmarenaCnet , Market57 and UrAvgConsumer on YouTube.

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