The Best 5 Smartphones So Far in 2017 To Buy

You might be going through the hustle to get the best smartphones from the most popular flagships in stores. We mostly submit to the trendy popular phones or get what our pockets can affford. You may be disturbed by quality and authenticity when it comes to where to buy your phone. Hmm thats the “circle” experience. I confess that its tough noticing the  refurbished versions and “China” versions these days.  
Now, for commercial users and 1st time buyers of cellular smartphones here is a tip. 

TIP: PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH Before you purchase.  

Let’s get back to the train. The best smartphones normally are rated through specs and performance. The hardware and software attract different types of consumers. For Ghana, the large screen smartphones are highly idolized and this promote the market of Samsung, Infinix, Itel ,Techno and Huawei brands. People prefer large screens not just because they display more but because it is worth the money (Means they have spent well even with the low budget).

Software is not really a factor in consideration while camera and durability takes the hallmark in what to look at in buying a smartphone in GH.

Nevertheless my list of best smartphones may relate due to my budget and where i come from. 


 5.  OnePlus 3T

The 5.5 display smart Optic AMOLED Screen tops all the other contemporaries to make up for my 5th place. Bypasses Huawei Mate 9 in a close battle. Just like Huawei Mate 9 it has the premium look and aethestic design. Both announced on November with releases a month apart. The Oneplus 3T makes up for the best device made by the flagship, running toe-to-toe with Apple ,Samsung,Google Pixel and LG.  

All metal body with corning glass  4. Weighs 158g with a 3.5mm Headphone jack at the bottom beautifully. Fingerprint is front  mounted. Really built for the big screen  lovers

Camera:  With A 16 Mega Pixel your picutres look decent,  colourful and saturated optimally. It takes amazing selfiies with the same 16 MP on the front  camera.  Expect the really accurate and detailed photography from the Oneplus 3T

The Oneplus Flagship capitalizes on a strong chipset, Snapdragon 821 with the latest refined Oxygen Os. The result is an OS that is just as light and customizable as stock Android, while building on a couple of key areas to improve your experience.

Dash Charging which provides half hour full charge of your battery for the get go. Corporate and domestic phone users can enjoy 3400mAh battery life. (Emitting very little heat incase u afraid of a blow up) 

The Price is decent but for the Ghanaian market you could look up to an order on Amazon or  online store. $430-$470 that is close to Ghana Cedis 1950.

 4.  Google Pixel (XL) 

 This smartphone took the breath of every tech blogger on the internet. Great specs and must say live up to the hype. Great design for most of us and top class camera quality in the camera competition. Google launched Pixel last year and everyone can’t stop talking about it. Although it’s not in Ghanaian market at the moment but you can find limited merchadise around Tonaton or OLX

When it comes to design its not really a top notch. For me the weird division of colors is great with metal feel and fingerprint on at the back. Camera is top notch even with 12Megapixel due to high resoultion and autofocus engine. Splash and dust resistant with Corning Glass screen 4. AMOLED Display saves  battery and comes with 2180Pixel detail quality. 


The Snapdragon 821 serves a strong perfomance with Adreno 530 as GPU ensuring outstanding gaming functionality. Works well with 4Gb Ram with the Google OS operating Nougat 7.1.



Battery  Life is amazing with 3450mAh. This for those who can dig deep in the their pockets. Really expensive. That’s it makes up for my 4th place.

3. IPhone 7&7+

I don’t have much to say. My recommendation won’t make any difference. Why ? Because we love the Apple brand. From iPhone 4s i have always seen Apple to be the best when it comes to software.  


 Top notch. Great brand design makes you love the iPhone 7. Water resistant quality changed the game for the  iPhone flagship. Not more to write about than the classy look of the jet-black and matte black. 


A10 Fusion Chipset runs IOS 10.3.2 which is efficiently impressive. 

12 Megapixel camera with spectacular OIS and camera autofocus top notch. The 7+ comes with a dual camera which is just over the bar. Acquire a camera(HD) in your pocket.


 The Ram is what makes IPhone a bit sluggish. A 2gb Ram is something Apple can do better. The OS runs mad so don’t be worried. Its quite hard getting a IPhone 7 unless you can afford or you have some money  to blow. 

2.  Samsung Galaxy S8 & 8+ 

 Firstly, Samsung is the best smartphone in Africa. They always have something up the sleeves  to wow us back into choosing their brand over Apple.

With their bazeless and curved screen, this tops all other flagships. SUPER AMOLED Display with curved screen  makes this cellular smartphone exceptional. 


Nothing  to really write about. Okay, One thing , it incorporated IP68 certified water resistant hardware design. The screen is 5.8 inches which is more screen on a small body. Corning Glass 5 with 3D touch and a fingerprint sensor built in. It also comes with iris scanner which for me is a mind blowing feature. 


The Samsung OS is great with the Snapdragon  835 or Exynos 8895 model. The 4Gb ram works effortlessly with the OS. Operating System is still in construction and  Bixby the Wonderful AI we had heard much about is also a bit confusing to use.  


The 64 Gb is a great memory space for an exceptionality smartphone. If you want a really great phone for it’s class look and efficient performance, the Samsung S8  fits in perfectly. The camera is amazing  with autofocus at both rear and front. First in all flagships. When it comes to display this is my number one. But  the Samsung still has more improvements to tend to. 

Now business and everyday phone users  should target the S8 for an ideal  experience. Cost ranges from Gh2800- 3900 .

1.  LG G6

The heavyweight title champion conquers all , rising from ashes like a Phoenix to top my list. Previous versions of the flagship LG have not been encouraging. I was mesmerized when thr LG G6 came out. The upgrade was way better than all their flagship phones. The LG G4 encountered chipset problems  which affected sales and the brand as a whole. 

I could go on and on about how great this phone is. I just have to show you.


Aesthetic beauty with premium design. The beautifully design LG G6 is water-resistant with a tall, expansive display and an extra wide-angle camera. Glass back with corning glass 3. 

Dust and water resistant  (IP68 certified and MIL-STD 8106 accredited) 

First non-removable LG phone but thats nothing major since we enjoy efficient battery life all day. 


Top notch chipset with great 4 Gb ram. The LG UX 6.0 UI marks the G6 as the best to use with no “wahala”

The Snapdragon 821 with Adreno 530 ensures seamsless multi-tasking and quality perfomance. So lets come to the camera, my favourite section about the G6. The Dual 13MP camera  with wide range feature and also the Dolby HDR  Vision screen on LCD, beautifully captures detailed images and low light pictures.

The Video Taking Quality is better than Samsung for noise cancellation and wide range effects. 


The LG comes with Wireless charging and fast charging. The battery is pretty decent as i mentioned. The craftmanship of the LG smartphone is what draws more nearer to the brand. According to Marques Brownlee , the tech in Lg G6 simply incorporates a robotic look. The LG is compact and beautifully balanced for office use or even travel. 

I would recommend this phone because it is a beast and affordable in comparison with competitors. 

The relevant features is been highlighted. You can check out my source to read fully on these incredible phones. I would be glad to know of your best phones and i would do  “5 best affordable smartphones to  buy” if i  get more  feedbacks from you guys. 
Thanks for reading and expect more.  

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  1. Good write up. In my opinion iPhone 7/7plus should be no. 1 but all the same, interesting comparisons. Keep up the good work.

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