The moon bulb 

The title speaks for itself. Many years ago you could not believe yourself watching love movies or reading a Happy-ever-after Love story and reacting enthusiastically. Now social media and digital experiences have changed the way we see things. 

Twitter could blast you with jaw dropping real-time stories. Not all people have changed, some are still conservatives holding on the old ways and romance. 

I got intrigued by a short skit. Come  with me ….

Imagine being in a world of light bulbs. The elevation to a lone sphere but entangled with my loved one. Dreaming, illuminating the chaotic world on a string, spectating. 

My love is more than the moon. Float gracefully into the night while shining. She provided me with currents in lunar essence. Hearts turnt into crystals , for the balloon which provided this happiness was never coming down. 

I cannot wish for  anything more than this.

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